List of Works

List of Works


1 2 3, 2014 (solar photographs)

Ian Brennan


Black Objects, 2014 ongoing (sculpture, performance)

Andrea Greenwood


Construction, 2015 (installation, performance)

Ian Cook


(De)constructions, 2014

Laura Aish (film, performance)


Don’t Let Go, 2012 (gold box, digital recording)

Luba Diduch


Πλάτων / FS130315, 2015 (sculpture, performance writing)

Fay Stevens


Hello, 2014 (film, performance)

Zejing Liu


Fragile, 2014 ongoing (cardboard pallet box, packing tape, performance)

Peta Lloyd


It doesn’t have to be like this, 2015 (performance)

Robert Good


Lives of the Artists, 2014 (installation)

Robert Good


L.H.O.O.Q., 2014 (digital postcard)

Max Jones


Flat Pack Force Feeding Chair, 2014 (installation, performance)

Amy Powell


Possibilities, 2014 ongoing (film)

Bas Van Wieringen

Shattered, 2014 (film)

Fay Stevens and Mary Jane Evans


Squared, 2015 (drawing)

Janice Botterill


Toilet, 2015 (installation)

Ewa Loo


Voluntarily Yours, 2015 (sculptural paper)

Annelies Egli


You can’t see me, 2015 (photograph, performance)

Suze Adams



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