Fay Stevens

Shattered image

Shattered, 2014. A collaboration with Mary-Jane Evans

Re-configuree - MJE and FS Performance advertising image

re-configured,  performance with Mary-Jane Evans

Mary-Jane Evans makes ceramics : Fay Stevens smashes them.

‘Shattered’ is a film work showing in the Disobedient Art exhibition, Fringe Arts Bath.  It documents a performance event in which Fay drops and shatters Mary-Jane’s work.

In their performance ‘re-configured’, Fay and Mary-Jane conduct an archaeological process of classifying and categorising the shattered ceramic pieces, currently on display in a cabinet in the exhibition space. Their process, however, will be a reconfiguration according to ‘disobedient’ criteria.

At the end of the performance, the ceramic pieces will be placed back into the display cabinet in their ‘re-configured’ state.

FS Work for DA FAB 2015

Πλάτων / FS130315, 2015


Fay Stevens Portrait

Fay Stevens is an academic, curator, artist and writer, whose practice is in performance writing, performance, conceptual and kinetic drawing, printmaking and more recently in film/sound. She draws upon and specialises in the philosophical school of phenomenology, both as artist and academic, as a critical and performative lens through which she works. With a focus on sensory perception, she explores the body as it engages and perceives spaces, places, objects, elemental interplay and locales of human action. Both her academic and art-based work is integrated as one method of enquiry and process impacts on and interfaces with the other. It is concerned with experience of landscape, the haptic qualities of artefacts, ritual practices of deposition and explores trace, surface, identity, memory, senses of place, the space between and the concept of the still-point.

Fay is the curator for this exhibition. She has recently curated exhibitions ‘Still Points : Moving World’ at Fringe Arts Bath (2014), Writing and Architecture at Bath Artists’ Studio (2014) and ‘The Space Between’ at Salisbury Arts Centre (2015).  She is curator for the forthcoming International Performance Association platform of performance events due to be held in Bristol in October 2015.

As a performer, she participated Bristol Biennele’s ‘Crossing the Line’ , 2014.  She will be taking part in a performance art summer workshop with Zierle and Carter and Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith in Berlin in June 2015 and as a visiting artist at KAPOS Art in Hungary in August 2015.

Fay is project leader and contributing artist for an art/education project and associated exhibitions ‘Enjoy: Create’, based at Bath Artists’ Studios and funded by Bath and North East Somerset Council.

She is a trustee and studio holder at Bath Artists’ Studios, Committee Member and Curator for Fringe Arts Bath, member of Bath Area Network for Artists and Associate Artist at 44AD Studios and Spike Island.

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