Ian Brennan

Ian Brennan work

1 2 3 , 2014

These images are produced by exposing light sensitive paper within hand made cameras. The exposure times vary but all are in excess of three weeks. The sites have a commonality, they are where fortification was once present and the ruins are now what remain. Whilst visiting the spaces I am interested in I secrete the cameras within the landscape, often hiding in plain view. The cameras are prone to being removed or damaged by the curious so my working process involves disguising and camouflaging the cameras so that they fit in with their temporary environment.  These images are part of a larger body of work, my continual fascination with demilitarised spaces and the liminal landscape is explored utilising a variety of experimental processes that challenge the nature of what photography ’is’ and can be. It sidesteps traditional limitations of the medium in terms of materials, scale and exposure. It is therefore, disobedient in its approach.

Ian J Brennan

My working process goes against the mainstream grain of digitisation with its obsession with precision, clarity and perfection. My work encourages the viewer to reconsider their understanding of time, space and how our culture fortified itself against the ‘other’.




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