Janice Botterill

Janice Botterill work

Squared, 2015

Most of my working life has been spent in a variety of office environments where almost all activity is communicated or recorded on reams upon reams of A4 paper.  For Disobedient Art, I wanted to create a piece of work using the mundane administrative tools of laptop and printer, rejecting traditional materials and methods and using the repetitive processes and parameters of keyboard and software.

Janice Botterill Portriat by Fay Stevene

My practice is grounded in drawing, exploring ideas, spaces and activity usually through  experiments in time-based, repetitive mark-making.

I am interested in the definitions of art and how, where and why artists make the work they do.  Having recently curated an exhibition focusing on work produced by artists ‘in residence’ in a variety of settings, I am currently investigating how residencies can shift an artist’s practice depending on the place and space they temporarily occupy and the people they encounter within those places  – www.artistsandresidencies.wordpress.com offers a space for conversation about residencies for artists, residency hosts and writers.





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