Luba Diduch

Luba - thanksforyourconnection

Don’t Let Go, 2012

Deluges and natural disasters are forces of nature that – in our eyes – may be seen as being ‘disobedient’. Such events are seemingly separate from us in the sense that they appear to destroy and work against us. Yet humanity is part of the ebb and flow of these natural occurrences, not separate from them.

This artwork, titled “Don’t Let Go” is composed of a soundtrack that contains imagined sounds of an earthquake and underwater disturbances interwoven with stories of transformation. Sounds of the deluge are combined with stories of survivors, such as Manami, whose name means ‘Love the Sea’. Manami survived a tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Although her family perished, she survived the tsunami when she became tangled in a fisherman’s net.

Visitors are encouraged to ‘disobediently’ scratch their impressions and thoughts onto the artwork itself – indeed, onto the surface of a gilded box. The gold leaf represents something precious and like life, can be swiftly transformed through destruction. Visitors may use items they are carrying with them that are convenient for making marks: these may include pens, edges of cash cards — anything that is ready-to-hand.

A set of headphones and a looped soundtrack is provided for visitors to immerse themselves in the disobedient sounds of nature.

Luba profile

Originally from Montreal Canada, Luba Diduch is a visual/sound artist who explores changing notions of interactivity within the context of human computer interaction artworks. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary she has explored the idea of active participation in computer interaction artworks while working on a PhD in Visual Art/Media Art Practice at the Bath School of Art and Design. She has exhibited her work in Canada, the US, Ireland, England, Italy and Sweden, as well as the Nickle Arts Museum, the Stride Gallery and the New Gallery in Calgary. Diduch has participated in several artist residencies at the Banff Centre and currently teaches New Media at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary Canada. Participation in upcoming exhibitions include Disobedient Art at Fringe Arts Bath and at The Magic Vending Machine of Fate in Toronto Canada  – an artists’ multiple project that distributes work by Canadian creators and makes art affordable for everyone.




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