Programme of Events




‘Flat Pack Force Feeding Chair’ by Amy Powell

Friday 18:30-20:30 & Monday 1st June 12:00-15:00.


‘Fragile’ by Peta Lloyd

Saturday 23rd May 14:00–14:30 & Saturday 30th May 12:30-13:00


‘You can’t see me’ by Suze Adams

Saturday 23rd May, 15:30–16:30


‘Black Objects’ by, Andrea Greenwood, Yuka Negoro and Angelina Kornecka

Sunday 24th May, 14.00-14:30 and 17:30-18:00


‘re-configured’ by Fay Stevens and Mary-Jane Evans

Thursday 28th May, 14:00-16:00


‘It doesn’t have to be like this’ by Robert Good

Sunday 31st May, 14:00–16:00


‘CLOak’ by Sarah Sidders

Saturday June 6th, morning promenade from The Royal Crescent to the Disobedient Art Gallery.


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